“Philip is a dynamic speaker who not only clarifies the concepts of disruptive technology, but makes the exponential future seem appealing.”

President of the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement


“Philip is an engaging speaker who will inspire you to think deeply about the future and the exponential change that confronts us all.”

Former CEO of the Doctors of BC
Board Chair, BC Housing


“Philip did an excellent job at facilitating discussion and ideation, all the while ensuring a fun-filled atmosphere complete with pump-up music and dance!”

Mr. Henry Annan

Past President of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students


“Philip is a dynamic speaker who not only clarifies the concepts of disruptive technology, but makes the exponential future seem appealing.”

Dr. Alex Poole

General Surgeon, CEO of the Yukon Medical Association


“What a gem of a presentation. Engaging, succinct, and actionable, not a word out of place. It's such a joy to listen to someone in such full command of the material and the medium.”

Dr. Josh Frost

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at Minerva Schools at KGI


“Philip is enlightening and engaging.  Our leadership valued his perspective on disruptive technology on health care and his approach to preparing our membership for this reality.”

Mr. Tom Magyarody

Former CEO of the Ontario Medical Association


“Philip is a very engaging speaker and skilled at setting a context for both provocation and inspiration about disruptive technology and the future of health care.  His approach to creating generative dialogue is refreshing.”

Ms. Sarah Hutchison

CEO at OntarioMD


"Philip is a positive, inspiring and engaging speaker. His presentation energized our group about the potential for disruptive innovation and technology to transform health and healthcare.”

Ms. Jennifer Kitts

Vice President, Advocacy and Policy, Canadian Medical Association


"Philip is a dynamic, engaging and inspiring speaker, and I look forward to the opportunity to hear from him again.”

Ms. Nadia Potvin-Piche

Advisor, Community Engagement at Canadian Medical Association


“Insight, enthusiasm and energy.....Philip brings it all to the table. He hits my head and heart and makes me want to join him on a journey to a better tomorrow.”

Dr. Brian Brodie

Former Chair of the Board of the Canadian Medical Association


“Philip was an insightful and enthusiastic speaker who punches way above his weight. He is an inspirational speaker who truly “lifts as he climbs.”

Dr. Jane Brooks

Former National Senior Physician Leader, Deloitte & ER Physician


"Philip Edgcumbe was exactly the kind of person we looked for to speak at our 7th annual INTERFACE Summit 2018 conference in Vancouver, Canada – and our audience loved him. He engaged them with his ideas and spoke with passion and a keen mind on a health topic – Alzheimer’s and dementia  and the use of VR/AR and A.I. and Digital Therapeutics – that will likely affect all of us, either as sufferers or as caregivers, if we live long enough."

Mr. Michael Bidu

Executive Producer, INTERFACE Health Summit


“It is always a pleasure to have a Science One alumnus like Philip come back to speak to the class. His talk in which he facilitated a discussion on Exponential Growth and then talked about his own career path from Science One to Clinician-Scientist, was one of the most inspirational of the year. Not only can students see their own potential reflected in Philip, but he very poignantly encouraged them to meaningfully think about their career path and the impact they want to have on the future. It's a message that is needed when student are often so worried about the fine details of their schooling, rather than the big picture”

Dr. James Charbonneau

Acting Director, Science One and CSP Programs at UBC


“Philip gave a talk that was both inspiring and motivating for our students, and thought-provoking for those of us further in our careers. Philip is a gifted speaker - I'm proud to be able to name him as a graduate of our program, and I look forward to following his career as it evolves toward further success. I hope he'll come back to speak again in the near future.”

Dr. Andre Marziali

Director, Engineering Physics Program, UBC


“Philip is a captivating speaker. His talk at the 2019 UBC Engineering Physics Alumni Night was inspiring and interactive, and managed to be relatable for both current students and alumni."

Ms. Tiffany Quon

VP Events, UBC Engineering Physics Student Association


“Philip is a dynamic and engaging speaker who wrestled with some important and thought-provoking ideas in his presentation - the audience came away with a much better understanding of how AI and exponential technology are going to impact the role of doctors in our future health care system, and what this means for all of us. I highly recommend Philip as a speaker.”

Mr. John Medcof

Director General, Transferable Skills at Canada School of Public Service


“Philip speaks of disruptive technology in a way that is at once enlightening and informative, while also being heartfelt and engaging.  He also managed to blend in references to local initiatives with the broader system wide potential of disruptive technology. A highlight of our meeting for sure!”

Mr. Kevin Chapman

Director, Partnerships and Finance, Docotors Nova Scotia


"In his talk, Philip passionately and clearly outlined how to develop innovative solutions that lead to sustainable, effective, and global impact. The brief summary is that we can utilize exponential technology and 10X thinking to solve grand challenges in healthcare and beyond. Philip is a must-see speaker!"

Mr. Chance Park

President and Co-Founder, Canadian Association of Physician Innovators and Entrepreneurs


"Philip hit the sweet spot for leaving the audience feeling inspired, motivated and challenged." (In reference to Philip's keynote presentation at the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Conference (CMBEC) in 2021)

Regional Engineering Team Manager
Lower Mainland Biomedical Engineering and Clinical Engineering Program Chair for the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Conference


"We launched a year-long senior leadership development program with a Fortune 500 healthcare company, where Philip kicked us off with an inspired talk. He was committed to excellence from the moment we were connected - he ensured the healthcare futures content mapped onto learning objectives, inquired about the makeup of the cohort to tailor his message for impact, and delivered a well-researched and articulated talk that perfectly fit out goals. I'd highly recommend Philip as an amazing speaker on the topic of healthcare futures!" (June, 2023)

Innovation Strategy LeadInnovation Strategy Lead,  Stoked